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But I Don't Know How to Pose!

Thinking about a boudoir shoot but worried you don't know how to pose? Stop worrying! You don't know how to cut or color your hair, but you still go to the salon, right? You don't hesitate to go because you are confident that the professionals will get the job done without any input from you save what your preferences are.

Its the same with photography. You literally need to know nothing when you walk in the door. All you need to have a handle on are your preferences: What style of photography resonates with you? What style of clothing, make up and hair styling work for you? You only need provide your photographer and make-up artist with a general idea of what you like and then let them do their thing. Posing and styling is included in what the photographer provides! Thousands of hours of experience and training means your photographer can capture you in poses and lighting that flatter you and showcase you in the exact style you've dreamed of.

Arrive open-minded and ready to play and you will see things unfold perfectly.


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