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What Do You Even DO with Boudoir Pictures?

So you love the idea of having a completely indulgent experience and having your boudoir portrait done! And then your Demons of Doubt start creeping in and you think to yourself....wait, what I am even going to do with those pictures once I get them done?????

CELEBRATE! That's what you are going to do! Here are a couple of ideas sure to suit your particular style.

The Album - hands down the album is the most popular form of printing your boudoir portraits. With so many sizes and styles, you can truly personalize an album to suit your personal preferences - each album is designed specifically for YOU and your specific portraits.

Wall Art - whether you a bold exhibitionist or a shy wildflower, wall art is an amazing avenue for your portraits. Remember that your boudoir session can include all types of portraits - from a bold, fully nude bodyscape to a softer, curled-up-in-a-blanket style. Become a presence on your own walls and celebrate yourself!

Digital Files - when you want your photos to exist in the smallest, most portable and powerful medium possible, choose digital files. With digital files you can literally have everything in the palm of your hand - all the possibilities are yours.

Of course, you can always choose a package with all three! Any which way you slice it, boudoir photography is a delicious experience.



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