Virginia Boudoir Photographer | Unusual Tips for a Successful Portrait Session

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Unusual Tips for a Successful Portrait Session

There certainly are a plethora of tips out there on the internet on how to have a successful portrait session with your professional photographer; here are a few I bet you hadn’t considered:

Dress head to toe - Maybe you have a boudoir shoot coming up and you figure you are going to be in lingerie most of the time anyway - well, don’t forget your shoes! Even if you are laying down, your feet may end up in the final shot - a nice pair of heels provides a finishing touch.

Speaking of toes, get them done! A pre-session mani-pedi is usually at the top of the list when it comes to preparing for a shoot, but what if you prefer being all natural? What if you can’t stand nail polish? Get groomed anyway - you can avoid the flashy nail polish and still have clean hands and toes with neat and trimmed nails.

Finally, grab something unexpected as you run out the door to your session, just for fun. Sometimes we spend a lot of time preparing for our photo session and we end up over-planning and over-preparing. Leave some room for spontaneity. Grab something around your house that is meaningful to you and see if your photographer can incorporate it into the session. It’d be fun trying and could result in some amazing photos.


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