What Is Boudoir Photography?  

Boudoir  noun: a woman's bedroom or private room for dressing or resting.  Boudoir can mean many different things to each person. For me, it is beautiful, intimate woman's portraiture to showcase each woman and her natural beauty.


Where do Sessions Take Place?  

Sessions may take place in the Gainesville, Virginia studio, your home, or even a hotel room.  I have even seen sessions done in the great outdoors, it is up to you.


Can I Bring A Friend With Me?  

Yes, you are welcome to bring a female friend. She may wait in the office during the session as to not interrupt the normal flow of the session. Men are not allowed during the session unless your partner is a part of the session.


Do You Photoshop?

Yes, we do corrections to each image to showcase you in the best way possible way, while still maintaining you. If you desire a more touched up look I will do that for you.


Are Boudoir Pictures Still Flattering For Someone Without A Model Type Figure?

We pose my clients during their session so that they are photographed from the best angles during the session.  We will showcase you the way you are, not the way you think you should be.  We believe in appreciating the joy in each day as we are.  You are beautiful and we know we can help you to see that in yourself!  All of my clients are real women, not models.  We can discuss this more at your pre-consult and tailor a session specifically to you and your needs.


Will I Be Nude?

You may choose what you desire to wear or not wear. Lingerie, pj's, a sheet, implied nude, nude, it is up to you.  Please keep in mind we will not photograph anything that I think is too explicit. My photography style is fresh, clean and meant to bring out the beauty in each woman without being explicit.


How Long Does A Session Last?

Hair and Makeup takes approximately 90 minutes. A typical photo session may last 1-2.5 hours. Please plan accordingly followed by the ordering session immediately after 1-2 hours. If you are fast decision maker clients can complete their selections within an hour.


Will My Session Be With A Female Photographer?

Yes, the photographer is female, and mother of 3.  Men are not allowed during the session unless your partner is a part of the session. We entire staff is female from the hair and makeup artist to the photographer and all other associated persons.


Do You Take Credit Cards?  

Yes, we accept all major credit cards and PayPal.


Do You Offer Payment Plans?  

Yes, we offer payment plans through PayPal Credit. Simply go to PayPal Credit and apply today. Be sure to apply for enough to make sure you have what you will want to be able to complete your purchases.


What Is Included In The Session Fee?  

The boudoir session fee includes pre-session personal consultation including wardrobe consult, hair consult and make-up consult and make-up application.  The photographer's time, editing to include touch ups. An in person ordering session. 


Will The Photos Be On Facebook or Your Website?  

Due to the nature of these types of photos images permission to post online or the website is by your permission.  Also, your gallery will be password protected and only viewable to those that you share the password with.


How Do I Prepare For My Session?

In preparation for your shoot, please think of the following things: Hair touch-ups, waxing, eyebrow shaping, manicure, pedicure, tanning and moisturizing. Once your session is booked, I will send you my Client Guide which goes into further detail regarding preparation.


Do You Give The Client The Rights To The Pictures?

 Like other professional photographers the copyright remains with the photographer, but you will have print release permissions for any high resolution digital files that you purchase. The files are free of any watermark or logo and you will be able to directly download the files to your computer from your password protected gallery.


If I Choose To Have My Boudoir Session Done In A Hotel Is That Included?

The cost of a hotel room in not included in your session.  The client is responsible for securing a hotel room. Sessions in the studio, an outdoor secure location or your home are included in the session fee.


How Many Prints Are Included With A Boudoir Session?

A session fee covers the photographers time and talent. Prints are not included in the session. There are a number of different photo collections to chose from as well as a la carte options and digital files as well.  There are both collections and a la carte available. A minimum purchase of $600 is required. On average most clients spend between $800-$2600.


Can You Help Me Decide My Outfits?

Sure! I would love to help assist you to prepare for your session! We can talk on the phone, e-mail or meet in person to prep for your session. Let me know what works for you and we'll go from there.


What Should I Bring To The Session?

Please bring with you a minimum of 3 outfits, your make-up, accessories and anything else you feel you may want as a prop for your portraiture session.


I Have A Question That Isn't Listed Above...

Please e-mail me and I would be happy to answer your questions.