Client Testimonials


As most of these stories start with the skepticism over powered by insecurities - my story is no different. I am a full time working mother of two. I have been married for 10 years. My background as a dancer and gymnast brought about a sense of pride in my appearance. It all changed after having kids. As most moms know your body will never be the same again. I struggle with my body image. I look in the mirror, as most of us do, pointing out all the imperfections and not the beauty. 
A Bourdoir session resided in the back of my mind for years. My husband and I don't spend a lot of quality time together nor does he have the chance to see me dolled up as frequent. Roosh came by recommendation from a friend who had completed a session for her 20 year anniversary. The photos were amazing! My friend looked absolutely stunning in a beautifully erotic sensual sort of way. She told me to go for it. I looked at her and said, "you don't have the same problem areas I do."
My husband's birthday was approaching - I wanted to do something creative. I pondered the idea once again for a Boudoir session for about a month. Then I realized I needed to stop making excuses and do it. Roosh was awesome from start to finish. She offered great advice on items of clothing or lack thereof that would compliment my body type. The day of the session arrived. I met Roosh for the first time. I felt right at home. She welcomed me into her studio with open arms. We talked through outfits and the process...and we were off.
Through the session I never once felt awkward or out of place. Sure the concept of being naked in front of stranger was uneasy. However, Roosh took the edge off. She snapped shots and would occasionally show me a few pictures. I remember thinking, "oh wow that is ME."
The further into the session the more comfortable I felt. Roosh continued to pull out my inner sexy diva. A side of me that I didn't think existed anymore. She was in hiding. Roosh found her.
If you are thinking about having a Boudoir session but you are unsure. Like Nike says, "Just Do It." Roosh Photography will capture the essence of beauty in every photo. The inner most sexy diva will be released. A feeling you will never forget. You will be glad you did it.
 -Natasha B. {Boudoir Client}


I just recently just had my 6.5 month maternity Boudior photos done with Roosh and I must say I am in LOVE with all of my photos!!!! She made the session fun and comfortable for me as it was the first time I had done boudoir photos. I will recommend Roosh to all my friends so they can have a "damn, I feel beautiful & sexy" photo that they can have for the rest of their lives.
-Sheri S. {Maternity Boudoir Client}
Roosh was so professional and made me feel extremely comfortable during my boudior shoot! She did an amazing job, and when you self conscious about yourself and trying to do something awesome for my husband, she made me feel very comfortable! Her pictures were amazing and I would recommend her to anyone!!
-Kim S.  {Boudoir Client}
My wife went to Roosh to make me a surprise Anniversary gift and it did not disappoint!
The photos were sexy and well done!  I highly recommend Roosh!
-Tom D.  {Anniversary Boudoir Client Recipient}
Such amazing talent! Roosh is such a great women. She makes you feel so comfortable from the second you meet her. She has taken everything to next level with her business. Is amazing watching someone take their passion and make it their business because you know their heart is all in it! Her works shows it all!
Dina H.  {Bridal Boudoir Client}

Ladies, I wanted to briefly share my experience during my Boudoir shoot with Nirusha . As many have stated she presents the utmost professionalism for you as a client and for her "Roosh" brand. From the moment you speak with her to setup your session, and begin the journey to a "Roosh" photo shoot it is warm and welcoming. She guides you by assessing your comfort level and envisioning your ultimate goal. Two days before your shoot she checks in to ensure you have everything you need and if there is anything she can assist with before the date of your shoot. Practice, practice, practice.... Yes the coach is speaking. Practice the poses you want to attempt before your shoot. Look to see what are your best angles and how the light hits you. If you have a friend that is use to taking pictures bring them to your shoot. It will help you and Nirusha focus on your tasks at hand. Now, I tried not to be a DIVA but lights, camera, and action, and the alter-ego appeared. Nirusha knows how to pull out your inner diva, and allow you to glow before the camera. Things which will help during your shoot is knowing what you are trying to achieve. Select pieces which will allow you to transition easily between your shots if you have outfit changes. Be comfortable and open minded, remember she is going to do nothing to hurt you or her brand. The last tip is to simply have fun and not to think about it. Nirusha and her camera will do all of the work. The next stage is the revealing of your pictures. Eureka... I was simply blown away when I had my viewing session. Nirusha truly has a gift. Her ability to capture a moment and tell a story is unbelievable. One must love your gifts and talents. I must say, I wanted every last picture from the collection. Amazingly enough the pictures I thought I would want were not the pictures selected during the session. The ordering process is difficult because there are so many options. Nirusha is great at keeping you focus on your needs and not your wants. Even though with people like myself they become "need-wants"very fast. Lastly, is receiving your photographs. They come beautifully packaged in an amazing box. Then the images themselves seem to have their own story with the finishes. I had both color and B&W images. I love them all. Ladies, "Thank You" for allowing me to share my Roosh experience with you. If you have any doubts, then I hope this erases those fears. Remember you only live once, and we must enjoy this life. This was one item off of my bucket list. 


-Chele H. {Boudoir Client}